Jus curious and hdb staying Bros here with parking problem?

I myself living in jurong west 500+
I have a small humble ride。
Bought season parking。

Like many working people, I got home about 8-11pm。
We always have no parking altho we paid 3a??⊙season parking。
When we par”k by the road side?
We got summo、Jus curious and hdb staying Bros here with parking problem?n。
when I call hdb,观赏鱼疾病 u bet u guys can nvr imagine their reply。
me! after a long day work, feeling hot and hungry。 I do not have lots to park my car, so I stop by the roadside?
Officer! after ur show and dinner did u come down and find a lot to park ur car in?Wtf???I am suppose to be like a carpark warden walking around the ca rpark like a fool waiting for sumone to get out?
Any other Bros facing this problem?
Officer! after ur show and dinner did u come down and find a l ot to park ur car in?
Just sa、y Yes lor。
Appeal lah, mostly can waive 1。
Last time I oso face the same problem, the3a??⊙y actually know (existing problem)and its their job to summon u for illegal parking。
So i,ts ur job to appeal after! u receive a summon。
They inviting me to survey next week。
I planning to up a petition if they dun stop summon me。
Dun u think its stupid?
I buy season to appeal to them every week?
guess is over sold of season parking。 can park in other nearby car park? normally can park in 3 nearby car park with the season parking。

Jus curious and hdb staying Bros here with parking problem? 兰州水族批发市场mine can only park in one carpark。
and the best thing is she is asking me to buy other carpark season。
dun u think its a joke?
I spend money buy season and walk 1 km home?
might as well I buy jcube season parking for shelter summore。
den! after I park liao I take shuttle bus home?
Tell them to call you wh”en got lots。
Wah good idea huh?
I suggested to hdb。
U build gantry got use?
“Still no lots, but when gantry spoil we no need to go in and go out。
Y not use the money u make gantry to make some hdb valet parking?
If full for hou,rly, everyone stuck there。 Even season holder also canmot go in。
problem is there are insufficient lots for the no of households。 poor planning。
and every year increase 5% car population。
Problem results。 in fact, late at night should have lots。 if dont, only means poor planning。 the lots does not equate households。
now the quota for coe is much lesser hence the grow is very low。
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